VA Scandal Leads to 10 Suspicious Deaths of Veterans

A new scandal is rocking the VA. First it was Phoenix, where VA hospital officials were altering records to eliminate wait time details. These were wait times that were leading to veteran deaths as they waited, at times, for more than a year for healthcare they so badly needed. 

But this time it’s in West Virginia, where at least 10 veterans have died suspiciously, and have authorities investigating, as two of those deaths have been ruled homicides.

You read that correctly. Homicides.

Marine Veteran Detained By ICE Was Carrying His US Passport

A US-born Marine veteran who served in Afghanistan had his US passport, a REAL ID driver’s license, a military ID card, and his US Marine Corps dog tags with him when he was arrested by police in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and turned over to Immigration and Customs Enforcement, which held him for three days before his lawyer demanded his release, according to the ACLU of Michigan.

VA Wrongfully Denied $53 Million in Veterans’ Medical Claims

In one recent six-month period, according to a report from the VA’s Office of Inspector General released last week, the VA left about 17,400 veterans to pay out-of-pocket for emergency medical treatment the government should have covered.

The report said that between April 1 and Sept. 30, 2017, veterans who got emergency care at non-VA facilities were forced to pay $53.3 million in medical bills they never should have had to pay. Get the full story from NBC News…

VA Wrongfully Denied $53 Million in Veterans' Medical Claims

WWII Veteran Walking Across America from Georgia to California

(CNN) — A 95-year-old American hero is walking across the country for the second time. .

Ernest Andrus began his journey in Saint Simons Island, Georgia on March 16.

He says he plans to make it through every state in the country.

The last time he did this, it took him two years.

Right now, he’s covering 13 miles a week and says he would be 100 by the time he’s done.

But Andrus said he’ll keep going for as long as he has to, and he’s doing so with a clear purpose in mind.

“We should know that freedom is not free and what it takes to keep this country free. We were called on to do our part and generations before us all had to do their part and the future generations are probably going to have to do their part,” he says.

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