How We Provide Aid


Valor Shield, LLC is an entrepreneurial incubator program specifically designed for disadvantaged veterans to improve their physical, mental, and emotional wellness, helping to heal and repair their lives.
In addition, we also focus on the veteran’s nuclear family dynamic to reconcile and keep it organized.

What Is an Entrepreneurial Incubator

Business incubators are organizations geared toward speeding up the growth and success of startup and early-stage companies. They are often a good path to capital from angel investors, state governments, economic-development coalitions, and other investors.

We train the veteran in various areas of commerce such as finance, transportation, Real Estate, New Business Development, Small Business Management, and other fields needed to prepare them to enter business for themselves.

In addition, we will offer up to date and trending training for skills that the veteran already has. Such as mechanic, body shop technicians, small engine repair, disaster relief aid, and other vital skills that are in demand.

Upon completion and receipt of certification they will enter a work study program in their own chosen business.

Valor Shield will equip them with a professional management, marketing, and accounting team.

The team will be responsible to the veteran until they have proven that they can function on their own and be profitable.

If there is ever need for the team to return to the business because of changes in market trends the team will be accessible, even for growth issues.

The Valor Shield Teams will always be on call to the veteran for as long as they are in business or needed.

Valor Shield, LLC puts forth the effort, resources, programs, and facilities to accommodate these  veterans.

Disadvantaged Veterans American Dream Goal



I lifted these words from Addison’s Play Cato  

  • “It is not in the power of any man to command success.”
  •  However, any man can seek success, not only for himself, but for his family!
  • Being disadvantaged makes this exceedingly difficult for a veteran that has been deprived of his ability to function mentally, physically, and financially.
  • Valor Shield, LLC is putting forth the effort, resource, program, and facility to accommodate these veterans.

They Say

"Nothing Can Be Done Once You Have Felony!"


I’ve found out that there are approximately 300 to 400 veterans in the Harris County Texas Jail per day.

With a total that size in the 4th largest city in the U.S. There are 254 Counties Make Up the Lone Star State. Let’s do the math to see how the count could hypothetically breakdown.

If there are one forth of that number in each county in the State, then there are approximately 400 in Harris County and 100 in each of the remaining counties. Some counties are very small. Some not as small so we will use those to make up for the shortages of the small ones, that would come to, in our estimates, 25,300 +/- vets in jail in Texas on any given day.

That equals to 25,300 Disadvantaged Veterans that have not actually been sentenced and have a chance to turn their lives around.

As I mentioned earlier the narrative most common in society is “there is nothing that can be done once they get a felony!”

So, let’s start there. With sponsorships VSI can reach these veterans where they are now and prep them for when they are released to enter our programs and entrepreneurial incubators, if they qualify. Furthermore, current skillsets they possess can be updated with trending modern technologies, tools, education, and training.

With the assistance of our for-profit associates after a qualifying period, jobs can be provided, and they will begin a certified classroom course, in a work study environment, and a preparatory module that will identify the entrepreneurial marketplace that they meet the criteria for.

VSI plans include acquiring facilities to supply lodging and accommodations for the veterans and in some cases even their families.

In an effort to reduce recidivism and to create a healthy, vital, active nuclear family that is a benefit to the community.


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